Aspen is obviously a beautiful place to live for the young and the old, singles and families, working professionals and the retired. Even celebrities find themselves wanting to live here. You’ve surely seen those areas with the dream houses overlooking incredible views that only someone truly rich could afford. In fact, those houses do call themselves the home of many millionaires and even billionaires.

As of now with over 1,600 billionaires in the world, believe it or not but half of them are in the Aspen area. Billionaires are specifically targeting Pitkin County to enjoy their wealth from the tech world, real estate, inventors, and more. When the wealthiest of the wealthiest men and women in the world can choose to live anywhere and choose Aspen, you know it must be a really special place.

Aspen Billionaires

Who are these billionaires that recognized Aspen for what it is and chose to own property here? You’ll find billionaires, both young and old, comprising Aspen’s “Billionaire Mountain” or its Red Mountain from the Koch family to the Dell family and more. Take a look at who you’ll find living here and what made them billionaires.

Hasso Plattner – Worth $8.5 billion

This billionaire is one of the top 10 billionaires in Aspen known for his work in software. He actually has two homes on Red Mountain that value him just under $20 million. While software work made him wealthy, he has pledged to give away half of his fortune to philanthropic causes. He enjoys Aspen for the skiing and snowboarding.

Michael Dell – Worth $18.5 billion

Michael Dell

You know the Dell family or Dell, Inc. Michael Dell is an Aspen resident using this billions to live in his father’s Red Mountain home worth $9.5 million. While he doesn’t actually own the home, his local stake includes interest in the Related Cos, the MSD Capital investment firm, and holdings in the Snowmass Village.

The Koch Family, David and Charles – both worth $41.6 billion

If you’ve never heard of the Koch Industries, you would being a local in Aspen. Charles Koch and David Koch, brothers who both found wealth through Koch Industries, now live in Aspen as two of the richest men in the area.

David has two West End homes that value $12.8 million and he now works to reshape the political landscape as well as works as a board member for the Aspen Institute board. His brother Charles has also worked in energy, agricultural materials, pulp, and paper. He has tried to lay low like his brother has while living in Aspen but enjoys skiing with his wife Liz. He owns a $5.9 million home in the West End.

In addition, David Koch’s less wealth twin, William Koch, has $4 billion, and enjoys four properties in upper Castle Creek Valley.

Jeff Bezos – worth $30.2 billion

Jeff Bezos

If you’ve ever shopped on, you’ve likely helped Jeff Bezos to become the billionaire he is. As one of the richest men in Aspen, he enjoys living in Pitkin Green in his parent’s $16.5 million home. His parent’s home is 10,600 square feet in size and allows for their tight-knit family to spend more time together. Mr. Bezos also takes part in the Bezos Scholars Program with the Aspen Ideas Festival and Aspen Institute by being a sponsor.

Richard Kinder – worth $9.8 billion

You may have heard of Richard Kinder, made rich by his work in energy pipelines. Mr. Kinder owns a home in Aspen but has chosen to live in Woody Creek. His home gives him riverfront enjoyment for $10.8 million. He is the provider of the services for the Roaring Fork Valley’s natural gas making him the fourth-largest energy company in North America. They service 82,000 miles of pipelines.

The Crown Family – worth $7.3 billion

One of those families who made really good decisions with their investments is the Crown Family, rich from inheritances and investments. They have a steak in Aspen’s Skiing Company and many residential properties. Their investments into Aspen and Snowmass’s four ski areas along with the New York Yankees, General Dynamics, the Chicago Bulls, and Rockefeller Center have contributed to their wealth. His wife is also an artist.

Graeme Hart – worth $7 billion

Who is that came up with all of those packaging ideas like Reynolds Wrap? That would be none other than Graeme Hart, a billionaire living in McLain Flats in a mansion worth $16.4 million. Someone had to come up with those packaging ideas we use on every day products. He’s from New Zealand and is actually the richest New Zealander.

While he once drove a tow truck and dropped out of school in his teenage years, he’s come into great wealth today and surely knows how to negotiate. His home was once listed for $32 million and yet managed to buy it for $16 million.

Other big names

Who else is living on Billionaire Mountain in Aspen? Big names like Stanley Kroenke, made rich from sports and real estate, lives here, as well as Stephen Ross, another real estate man. Bruce Halle of Discount Tire enjoys a 600-acre estate in Wildcat Ranch with this almost $5 billion wealth.

Andreas von Bechtolsheim

You’ll also find Andreas von Bechtolsheim of Google living in two homes in Red Mountain, Thomas Pritzker of Hyatt hotels, and William Wrigley, Jr. from the Wrigley’s chewing gum living here. There are several more names from investments, hedge funds, real estate, the media, and more that call Aspen home.

While Aspen is known for piling up in snow, it’s also known for piling up in cash. These billionaires and more live or have lived in Aspen, Colorado where it seems that everyone wants to be. You won’t have to ask yourself why designer brands like Prada have a home in a ski town now that you can see that there is a demand for high-end, upscale shopping.

These folks are choosing locations close to downtown, with lots of space, offering the best views, and making it easy to enjoy the good life in Aspen. Imagine calling one of these VIP’s your neighbor.