Whether you love to head down the river fast and furious you want to enjoy something a bit more relaxed, Aspen offers all kinds of tours. Usually, tours are reserved for tourists, but as a new resident or even a long-time resident, a tour may be the right way to become reacquainted with your city. Here’s a look at some of the top tours you can take throughout the Aspen, Colorado area.

Blazing Adventures

Blazing Adventures is a tour company offering all kinds of tours. They have something for just about everybody with tours for the entire family, adult-only tours and tours for those looking for something exciting. Even if you only want a little taste of adventure and you’re not ready for rafting, you can take one of the easier adventure tours.

Whitewater Rafting Tours

Of course, they are most-known for the white water rafting tours, which are found under the Advanced Adventures category. They also offer Intermediate Adventures, which are not going to be easy, but are not nearly as difficult.

Along with the different levels of adventures, Blazing Adventures offers kids and family tours, nature and wildlife tours and culinary trips. The kids and family tours include:

  • Maroon Bells Wilderness Downhill
  • Backcountry Sunset Dinner
  • Middle Roaring Forks Duckies
  • Shoshone Raft

The Nature and Wildlife tours include:

  • Jeep Tour
  • Taylor Pass Jeep Tour
  • Novice Hike
  • Intermediate Hike
  • Advanced Hike

No matter what type of tour you’re looking for, Blazing Adventures probably has something you will enjoy.

Elk Mountain Expeditions

Another top tour company in Aspen is Elk Mountain Expeditions. They provide rafting and fishing tours throughout the area. If you want to enjoy Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley like you’ve never enjoyed it before, they have the right tour for you. The rafting tours are tailored for your skill level from beginner to expert.

Rafting tours will be held on the Roaring Fork River and the Arkansas River. They also offer stand-up paddleboard tours on the North Star Preserve.

Rafting Tours Aspen

Beginners will enjoy the Class I and II choices. Class I is considered a very easy trip on the Lower Roaring For River with moving water, but very few obstacles. Class II is considered easy and will also be held on the Lower Roaring For River. Waves are larger and there are some rapids requiring maneuvering. However, there won’t be any obstacles. Both are family-friendly tours.

Those looking for a little bit more adventure will enjoy the Class III tours, which are considered moderate. They include longer rapids with more power. Paddlers will need to maneuver through irregular currents, holes in the channel and rocks. These tours are held on the Upper Roaring Forks, Arkansas River Narrows and Browns Canyon area.

If you want the ultimate adventure provided by Elk Mountain Expeditions, you want the Class IV tour. This is for thrill-seekers and includes long rapids, powerful waves and precise maneuvering. These tours are held at Slaughterhouse falls on the Roaring Fork River and at The Numbers on the Arkansas River.

Maybe you prefer a more relaxing tour. The fly fishing tours from Elk Mountain Expeditions will put you right in the midst of some of the best spots to catch trout on the Roaring Forks River. Fishing tours offered include:

  • Guided Float Fishing – Full or Half Day, held year-round with a minimum age of 12
  • Guided Wade Fishing – Full or Half Day, held year round with a minimum age of 8

Fishing tours range from $260 up to $630 depending on the tour chosen, number of anglers and whether it’s a full or half day tour. All tours include the equipment you need, food, water, adult beverages, soda and pictures of your trip.

Aspen Whitewater Rafting

If you’re looking for one of the best whitewater rafting tours in the Aspen area, Aspen Whitewater Rafting is the right choice for you. They offer everything from Ducky trips to Wild Rafting adventures. Choose from half day or full day trips in Browns Canyon, Middle Roaring Fork, Shoshone and many other areas of the Roaring Forks River, Colorado River and the Arkansas River.

Dean’s Original Aspen Walking Tours

Maybe rafting isn’t for you and you prefer to learn about the Aspen area. Whether you prefer something late and spooky or something early and scenic, Dean’s Original Aspen Walking Tours has you covered. They offer a few specific tours of the city including:

  • Aspen’s Past and Present Tour – This historic walking tour provides plenty of information about what Aspen used to be and what is has become. It takes a look into the mining camp of the past and helps participants better understand the roots of the city. The tour is casual and covers about 12 blocks.
  • Aspen’s Off the Beaten Path Tour – If you want to discover the hidden history of the West end and Roaring Fork River, this is the tour for you. It goes through the Victorian neighborhood and along nature paths.
  • Cemetery Tour – A tour of the Ute Cemetery covers the life and death of many famous Aspen residents and young pioneers.
  • Aspen’s Darkside Tour – The ghost tour of Aspen is one of the most popular. IT covers many interesting tales including The Jungles of Durant, Ghosts of the Jerome, Murder at the Red Onion and more.

If you want to learn about the history of Aspen, these tours are the right choices for you.

Top Tours to Take in Aspen, Colorado

Other tours found throughout Aspen, CO include:

  • Aspen Carriage and Sleigh Day Tours
  • Aspen Paragliding Tours
  • Segway Aspen Tours
  • Smuggler Mine Tours
  • Aspen Alpine Guides Day Tours
  • Ashcroft Ski Touring
  • Aspen Rich & Famous Tour

Whether you prefer to learn about the city or go on an adventure, you’ll find plenty of great tours throughout Aspen. All of the tours will show you something unique about the area and will help you become acquainted with what Aspen, Colorado has to offer. Whether you’re a tourist, a resident or a prospective resident, taking one of the tours will help show you all about Aspen.