This summer and fall is the perfect time to enjoy the trails in Aspen. The weather is beautiful, the outdoors are the place to be, and the cold winter is around the corner. There are some excellent hiking trails around that the people of Aspen love to enjoy.

Hiking is a great way to reconnect with nature, bond with your loved ones, and challenge yourself physically to make it to the end. You’ll find a ton of great trail options, from the casual Lost Man Trail to the favorite Rio Grande Trail, the gorgeous Crater Lake Trail to the breathtaking Maroon Lake Scenic Trail.

No matter what age you are, you’ll find that the trails around Aspen are something you’ll want to experience throughout your whole life. Take a look at some of the top choices in Aspen that you can do to end the summer or start the fall.

Maroon Lake Scenic Trail

Maroon Lake Scenic Trail

A great place to start is the Maroon Lake Scenic Trail, one of the most popular outdoor activities to do in Aspen. This gorgeous hiking trail can be tackled in just one day, offering you some of the most breathtaking views and enjoyable experiences.

Pack your hiking gear, your camera, and a picnic because you’ll want to take the Maroon Lake Scenic Trail all in. For your friends and family that are visiting for the day, you’ll want to incorporate this hike into their visit because it’s such a beautiful experience.

Go early because you’ll find it gets crowded and check out the bus tickets that take you to the top to start your hike. If you take the trail to Crater Lake you’ll find its very rocky with beautiful views, but the Scenic Trail is much better and you’ll get to see views of the running rapids from the bridge.

Rio Grande Trail

The next most popular hiking trail in Aspen would be the Rio Grande Trail, another top choice for things to do in Aspen. This one you’ll find hikers and bikers as the ride offers a not too difficult experience. With so many people choosing to bike this one, hikers will want to be extra careful around bikers.

This is an easy trail for a hike and one that all ages will love. This is about 1.8 miles in size from Aspen to Cemetery Lane with the option to continue towards Woody Creek Tavern. Bring the whole family for this one and enjoy the trails along the river.

Crater Lake Trail

Crater Lake Trail

If you haven’t been to the Crater Lake Trail yet, this is a must-do in Aspen. This is another top hiking trail in Aspen where you’ll experience the beautiful mountain range; the best part of the experience. Bring your camera and money for the bus that takes you to the trail. You’ll have to spend $5 to park and then $8 to take the bus.

Plan on a lot of people and a rocky terrain on this hike. It will take you about 2-3 hours to complete between the 2 hours to go up and the hour to get back down, and it’s a fairly gentle uphill experience. Don’t forget your water and a picnic to enjoy once you get to Crater Lake. You’ll love how well-maintained this trail but you’ll definitely want the bug spray on this one!

Grottos Trail

If you love a hike that involves getting wet, check out the popular Grottos Trail this summer. There are beautiful rocks to climb and a refreshing waterfall to enjoy. It’s not a very long hike and you’ll find that it’s not too busy if you go in the morning.

Bring a swimsuit and enjoy the cool water with the whole family. The caves here are interesting to experience and the cascades are the perfect stop for a picnic. Wear good shoes for this one and bring a towel for when you reach the waterfall. The water is cold and sometimes starts as snow in the morning!

Hunter Creek Trail

Hunter Creek Trail

Once you’ve hit all of the most popular trails, you’ll want to visit Hunter Creek Trail for the real treat. This is one of the most picturesque of all. It can be challenging to find the trailhead but once you find it, you’ll go along Hunter Creek, along beautiful mountain homes, and you’ll likely dream about living near the incredible sounds of the water.

This river trail is a favorite for locals because it offers a workout along the flowing creek, gives you views of Aspen Mountain, and connects you to an overlook that will show you the Valley. It’s also a great option for those that like to choose how long they hike since there are a few options. This one can be challenging which means you’ll want a walking stick and some experience before attempting it.

West Maroon Trail

This trail is another popular choice for Aspen locals and it is visited for its wildflowers. You’ll make your way up the wildflower fields up to a pass at 12,400 ft. and then you’ll pass even more on the way down towards Aspen.

Expect many people once you get closer to Aspen. You’ll get to see the big mountains, the lakes, waterfalls, and willows during your hike. You’ll get to see mountains, snow, and flowers during your hike at around 5.5 miles of trail. This one is on the moderate level, is full of flies, and can get busy, so plan on bringing great shoes, bug spray, and planning your visit carefully!

Lost Man Trail

Lost Man Trail

Last but not least, the Lost Man Trail is another top hiking trail that you’ll want to check out in Aspen. It’s the perfect morning hike with the family where you can go up to 8.8 miles of it. People tend to share rides back to cars since you’ll have such a long walk back to your vehicle. It’s a great way to get away from the crowds, enjoy crossing streams and snow, and get to see stunning views of the lake.

When you’re looking for the perfect outdoor experience in Aspen, you’d be crazy not to choose a hiking day to really take it all in. Try one of these top rated hikes in Aspen and enjoy the views!