Colorado is already a gorgeous place to live, visit, or spend time in, but Aspen really stands out. One of the ways people can really enjoy this city is by hitting the trails and exploring some of the beauty hidden beneath the surface. Rent a bike or dust off your old favorite and hit some of these incredibly trails to really feel a sense of wonder in your own town.

Aspen Biking Trails

You’ll find many choosing the Rio Grande Trail as a top choice for an outdoor activity to enjoy in Aspen. The Castle Creek Road trail and the Smuggler Mountain bike trails will give you a workout and beautiful views all around. When you’re ready for a weekend adventure in Aspen, check out these top biking trails that will give you some exercise, breathtaking views, and the feeling that you are a part of something truly wonderful.

Castle Creek Road

For the mountain biker, check out the Castle Creek Road trail. This mountainous road offers a smooth ride that will offer you a great experience. It’s a great place to start a biking trail adventure because it’s smooth and visitor-friendly. You’ll find that it’s a bit of a hidden gem being a long, dead-end paved road just outside of the city.

You’ll want to bring a camera to capture the beautiful views of the nearby mountains. Bring the whole family because you can relax as you don’t have to worry about much traffic. It’s a great place to spend the day biking, spending time with family, and packing a picnic. Even driving here will have you amazed, especially when the leaves change colors in the fall.

Plan on this spot just outside of Aspen being a day trip where you can drive over with your gear, take a bike ride, and even stop at a restaurant in the area for a snack along the way. You’ll see wild valley sights, old buildings, and several spots to stop and take a photo.

Rio Grande Trail

Rio Grande Trail Aspen

One of the most popular choices for biking in Aspen is the Rio Grande Trail. This is a top rated choices for outdoor activities in Aspen and for good reason. This exciting biking trail will offer your gorgeous views and a memorable experience. You’ll see many others that had the same idea as you, so prepare for the trail to be active and busy.

People come here to bike, walk, and run along the river during a great sunny weekend. In fact, many people that live nearby will hit the trail daily to get some exercise, see friendly faces, and enjoy the sunshine with the beautiful views. It’s very clean, convenience, comfortable, and enjoyable to bike. The trail is full of smooth riding surfaces, well-marked areas, and a laidback experience. Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic overlooking the beautiful mountain views.

Smuggler Mountain

Smuggler's Mountain Aspen

Another top choice in Aspen is Smuggler Mountain’s trails, located over at 806 West Hallam Street. It’s a popular trail to bike or hike where you can count on quite the cardio exercise an plenty of stunning views. You can’t beat the views here which make the reward for the workout all the more worth it.

Check it out at sunrise or sunset for some of the best views and bring plenty of water to keep you hydrated. You’ll find that there are some steep inclines to the top of the mountain, but the view from the top is fantastic. It’s a must have experience for Aspen residents, especially for those that want a great place to work out, take their dogs, or enjoy the views of the valley.

When it comes to Aspen, there are no shortage of beautiful views and biking trails to enjoy them. Check out these top rated biking trails in the area to see what all the fuss is about.