Whenever you sell your home, staging is one of the ways you can set your home up for a successful sale. The Aspen luxury real estate market can be very competitive and the right staging can make a big difference. In Aspen, most home buyers are purchasing the lifestyle and a dream home. The right staging makes a bit difference for the buyer.

While your real estate agent will help with stating tips and tricks, you should be aware of what to expect. The right staging is critical, especially when selling a luxury property. Strategically staging the property perfect will help keep the days it sits on the market to a minimum and will often lead to a higher sale price.

Home Staging in Aspen

It may be difficult to take a step back and stage your home. You may have spent decades decorating and making it your own, but what you love may not appeal to buyers. A home buyer often wants to see a blank canvas, so they can imagine what they will do to the home.

Here are some of the things you can do to set yourself up for success when staging your home for sale in Aspen, Colorado.

Be Honest with Your Agent

Your agent will not have the same emotional attachment you have and will be able to be honest with you. However, you need to be honest with them, as well. If they give you tips you don’t plan on using, let them know so that they know that they are dealing with when selling your home.

Take your Agent’s Advice

While you may think it’s okay to do things your own way, your agent deals with selling luxury properties in Aspen every single day. They know what buyers are looking for and what type of staging has worked in the past. Take their advice, even when it’s difficult, and you may have a successful sale much faster.

Incorporate Original Artwork

Luxury Home Staging

If you own any original artwork, you can incorporate it throughout the staged home. This helps to add a touch of luxury to the home. Even if you don’t own any original works of art, you can usually rent them from the gallery or artist locally.

Use Open Houses for Inspiration

If you’re not sure what a well-staged home looks like, attend a few area open houses. You will quickly be able to tell the difference between a home that has been staged for sale and one that hasn’t been staged at all or not very well. In some cases, you will know a home has been professionally staged by the choices made during the process and how it feels.

Highlight the Amazing Views

Owning a luxury home in Aspen usually means you have some incredible views. You can highlight these views by staging properly to make them stand out. Of course, the views will stand out on their own, but you can use both the season and staging to your advantage. Sometimes, stagers will include outdoor areas in their process to ensure potential buyers can picture themselves enjoying the outdoor space and the amazing view.

Stage Outside of the Box

Aspen Luxury Home

Often, staging a luxury home focuses specifically on decor and art. There’s more to it than just these areas and thinking outside of the box will make a big difference.

The process may be best suited to start outside with the outdoor areas of the home. Curb appeal does make a huge difference and you can highlight things, such as fireplaces, patios, pools, pizza ovens and other outdoor luxury features.

Of course, the process cannot end there, it has to come inside, show off the amazing space in the master suite and kitchen, along with highlighting the views throughout the house. With the right staging, the impression of your home will be amazing from start to finish and it won’t be cookie-cutter like every other property buyers have seen.

Finishes, Fabrics and Linens

When you choose the finishes, fabrics and linens for staging, you have to choose luxury. If your home is a luxurious home and you choose cheap fabrics for the bedding, pillows and other staging items, you’re not going to make the right impression. Choose luxury items, such as plush towels and anything providing a warm feeling to those stepping inside of the home.

Budget Correctly

Staging isn’t cheap, but it usually pays dividends on the sales price and the speed of the sale. Many sellers will ignore staging because of the cost. However, when you allocate a specific amount of your budget to staging, you’re better off. You will have the opportunity to make more off the sale of your home, if it’s staged correctly.

There are several components that go into a successful staging strategy for a luxury home in Aspen. If you want to get the most out of your home and sell it faster, make sure you hire a real estate agent familiar with the luxury market. Then, take their advice when it comes to staging your home.