A tranquil setting full of Victorian-style homes is what you will discover in the Aspen West End neighborhood. This is a premier neighborhood with plenty of large homes including manicured lawns and incredible history. It’s a suburban type of area with a rich history for residents to enjoy.

Most of the homes in the West End neighborhood belong to second-home owners or seasonal Aspenites. It’s not uncommon for homeowners in this neighborhood to only use their home a few weeks each year. Homes within the neighborhood range in price from about $1.1 million up to about $19 million.

The Architecture

West End Aspen

West End Aspen is known for the architecture. It includes a wonderful blend of historic homes going all the way back to the mining days. Many of these homes feature a Victorian design, while other area homes provide a newer, modern design. It’s not uncommon for homeowner to preserve the historic home, but add a modern add-on. This results in an iconic aesthetic only found in the West End neighborhood.

World-Renowned Schools

Benedict Music Tent

Along with the incredible architecture, the Aspen West End neighborhood is also well-known for the Aspen Music Festival & School and the Aspen Institute. Both of these organizations are a huge part of the rich culture of Aspen and play a massive role in the summer season events. The Aspen Institute holds the Ideas Festival every year, which is basically a two-week think-tank including the world’s most intelligent minds.

The Aspen Music Festival & School also holds many concerts throughout the summer.

Other Attractions

Residents don’t live in the West End Aspen neighborhood just for the architecture. While it’s a huge draw, there’s plenty more offered from this exclusive neighborhood.

Within the area, residents will find the Hallam Lake Nature Preserve, the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, the Rio Grande Trail and much more. The Benedict Music Tent is a top area concert venue, while Harris Concert Hall provides an underground venue. Thea area is also home to many high-end boutiques and restaurants.

The Location

Living in the West End neighborhood will put you just minutes from the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport. Residents are also close to the downtown area, which provides access to plenty of the best attractions in the area. It’s also convenient to all four of the ski areas and plenty of other outdoor activities.

People Living in West End Aspen

The West End neighborhood is known for attracting famous celebrities. Many come to the area for the incredible properties including Lance Armstrong and Jack Nicholson. While the neighborhood may provide a home for many celebrities, there are quite a few locals that bought properties back in the 1960s and 1970s still living in the area.

Finding the perfect home in Aspen isn’t always easy. If you prefer exclusivity, unique architecture, plenty of history and one of the best locations in the city, living in the West End neighborhood is the perfect choice. Just expect to spend some cash to get the right home for you in this area.