The East End neighborhood of Aspen, Colorado is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to the real estate market. With many affordable lots and plenty of single-family homes, it’s a place locals love. Of course, the beautiful nature helps and easy access to the downtown area makes it perfect for those commuting. Buyers looking to live in Aspen full time will find plenty of excellent options along Highway 82.

Highway 82

Real Estate

Within the East End neighborhood of Aspen, there are several smaller neighborhoods. Many are found in the Independence Pass area, along with the Smuggler Mine area. Of course, others are found along Highway 82.

The homes within the area vary quite a bit. Some are found on Aspen Mountain, while others are simple single-family homes with a more affordable price. While some of the most affordable homes are found here, some of the most expensive are also found in the East End area.


Roaring Forks River

One of the biggest draws for residents moving to the East End Aspen neighborhood is the nature. Not only is the neighborhood surrounded by nature, but it’s also found very close to the Northstar Nature Preserve and Independence Pass. Residents enjoy plenty of trail and river access throughout the area, as well.

Along Highway 82, plenty of trails are found with access to the many groves and rolling hills of the area. The area also includes the Roaring Fork River, which provides plenty of amazing views and natural areas to enjoy.

Note: During the winter months Independence Pass is completely closed due to heavy snow. However, in the summer, it’s the perfect place to find a trail for a hike and enjoy plenty of nature.

Many come to the area to camp, as well. Lincoln Creek provides some of the best camping in the entire state with 10 pay campsites and many other areas for camping. Another 20 individual sites are found here for free camping and go all the way back to the Grizzly Reservoir. The campers enjoy plenty of privacy with quite a bit of space in between the sites.

During the spring, residents of the East End Aspen neighborhood enjoy some of the finest skiing from the top of the Pass. It’s also one of the best places for rock climbers to enjoy. Of course, one cannot forget about the incredible Ice Caves, which include runoff from the river turning into limestone cathedrals.


Independence Pass

While East End Aspen is very close to the downtown core, which provides plenty of attractions, it does have a few of its’ own. As mentioned above, the area is home to the Roaring Forks River, but it’s also home to the Aspen Club & Spa. You will also find the Ute Trail, the Grottos and the East of Aspen Trail here. Residents also enjoy Herron City Park and plenty of other area attractions.

Those looking to spend the entire year in Aspen may prefer the East End neighborhood. However, this neighborhood also provides plenty of expensive homes perfect for those looking to vacation to the area a few times a year.