A neighborhood many full-time families in Aspen call home, Cemetery Lane provides both amazing views and access to plenty of outdoor areas. It’s well-known for the fishing, biking, hiking and incredible trails. Some locals will tell you Cemetery Lane is a bit of a hidden gem within the city and provides some very real estate options.


Cemetery Lane

Cemetery Lane is found between the s-turn threshold and the fabled roundabout in Aspen. It’s the street running next to the Aspen Golf Course. The street goes down to the Roaring Fork River and the Rio Grande Trail.

Who Lives Here?

The Cemetery Lane neighborhood is mainly home to long-time residents and those living in Aspen year-round. Most of the residents are families and many work within the community.

The Homes

While West End and Red Mountain may have more expensive homes, there’s no shortage of amazing architecture found in Cemetery Lane. Many of the homes are considered handcrafted and provides beautiful custom options for buyers. Some of the single-family homes have been renovated, while others provide an opportunity for buyers to renovate and create their own custom dream home.

Many of the homes feature 1970s ski architecture with a nostalgic feel throughout. The vaulted ceilings often provide wood finishes giving homes in the area a cozy feel.

Along with single-family homes, the neighborhood is home to a few townhomes. Many of the area homes provide both privacy and a convenient location for everything else found in Aspen. The neighborhood isn’t far from the downtown area and all the outdoor activities you could want are found nearby. The neighborhood is even served by a free bus route, which runs to all four ski mountains and the downtown area.

Things to Do

Roaring Fork River

If you decide to live in Cemetery Lane, you won’t have to go far to enjoy the amazing beauty Aspen offers. Golfers will enjoy the close proximity to the Aspen Golf Course, which not only provides a challenging round of golf, but also some of the finest views in the area.

Along with golf, many residents enjoy other outdoor activities. There are plenty of amazing fishing holes found throughout the area and along the Roaring Fork River. Of course, the abundance of hiking and biking trails keep many residents buy, too.

In the winter time, many of the residents will enjoy easy access to the four area ski mountains from the free bus route. It’s not hard to find plenty of things to do throughout the year in Cemetery Lane.

The Cemetery Lane Trail provides a great choice for jogging, biking or walking. It’s a safe, user-friendly multi-use path with some incredible views along the way. It’s easy to disappear into nature and enjoy time on a mountain bike or just hiking through the neighborhood.

As one of the top neighborhoods for full-time residents, Cemetery Lane provides a classic American feel, with plenty of outdoor access. Residents enjoy the small parks throughout, the many sidewalks and all the other great features of this excellent Aspen, Colorado neighborhood.