How do you go about selecting a great realtor to help you purchase your Aspen home? For those new to the area, it may be difficult to choose without the luxury of a referral from a friend or someone you’ve known for years. You are left to choose a realtor based on online reviews, great first impressions during a meeting, or based on calling the person you’ve seen advertised the most often.

This is no way to choose a realtor and should be based upon finding an agent that has the experience you need, meshes well with your needs, and knows how to find the amenities you need while sticking to your budget. You can’t choose just anybody when it comes to your realtor needs in Aspen; you need to choose someone that is right for you.

Buying an Aspen Home

It could mean the difference between a home that is overwhelming your budget but you were convinced to buy or your dream home that you may have never known about that has everything you asked for in a home within your budget. With the home buying process being challenging enough in a new area, you need to work with someone that understands you and your needs, while having the experience to help you through the negotiations and home inspection process. Take a look at these tips you’ll need to find the right Aspen realtor for your upcoming purchase.

Choosing an agent with experience

The first thing you’ll want to do is look for Aspen realtors that have experience in the industry. While a new realtor may have the eagerness to please and an excitement to help you navigate the process, a realtor with experience is more likely to know what areas would best suit you, what homes are not readily available on the MLS but would be perfect for you, and how to help you narrow down your search best.

Select an agent with a Colorado license, experience, a great reputation, and the availability to take you on as a client. Look for companies that have been in the business for years and choose an agent that would mesh well with you. You may find that the company has a great reputation and that they only allow agents to work with them that meet these expectations, making it safe for you to work with someone they refer you to.

What makes a great agent?

Aspen Listing Agent

If you’re still not sure what type of agent would work well with you, you should look for some signs of a great agent. You want a broker that is going to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Make sure your realtor is one that can keep real estate transactions happening on schedule from the first showing to the closing process.

Make sure it is someone that has lived or worked in the area for a long time that would know the differences between the different neighborhoods. Does the agent ask you for details on what your family’s lifestyle is like, what size home you would need, and what type of amenities are important for you? A good agent should never put the pressure on, they should stick to your budget, and they should be available to answer questions you need any time.

What should I be looking for in my purchase?

When it comes to making your purchase, you need to do your research on the process just as much as you’ll be depending on your realtor to guide you through it. While your realtor is a great sounding board, a person to offer advice, and your advocate when it comes to negotiating, it’s important that you understand how things are going to work as well.

Make sure you looking at neighborhoods in your budget despite what your realtor says, because you’ll be the one paying the monthly mortgage and feeling the consequences of something out of budget. Look for affordable properties near downtown and close to the gondola, or choose something close to work or the school district you need.

Just be sure to be honest with your agent and don’t feel pressured into a decision you weren’t intending. First-time home buyers in a new city are likely to want to choose the first beautiful property with amenities they didn’t even think of without thinking about the commute to work, the school district, the area attractions, and the amount it will affect them in the budget.


For those just starting out in the area, you’ll find the popular choices of fractional properties like the Hyatt Grand Aspen and the St. Regis Residence Club to be great options for just starting out in Aspen. They work like traditional timeshares where you’ll buy full weeks sold in one or two-week increments while you search for the perfect home. You’ll get all of the amenities and luxury living you could crave while searching for the perfect home. You may even want to spend more time at these locations during the holidays each year after getting a taste of how nice they are.

Speaking of luxury, you’ll find that many choose resort living for their residence in Aspen. Popular resorts around the city offer amenities like heated pools and hot tubs, while featuring business centers and conference space for the busy professional.

You’ll love the workout centers to keep up with your exercise regimen all while living in luxury in some of the best locations in town. Check out properties like this near downtown, by the historic West End, or near the gondola. Popular options include the Fasching Haus, Chateau Chaumont, and Chateau Roaring Fork.

Talk to your realtor about your family’s needs, whether that be a house out in the country or something in the heart of downtown, something on a tight budget or luxury living, and what other areas you’ll need help on accomplishing. Make a list before you buy a home to make sure your agent has covered all of your needs in your home search so that you can feel confident about your new home, and the agent you worked with, while purchasing in Aspen.