When a family looks for a new home, each member of the family may have a different priority than the others. Kids may be looking for a neighborhood with other neighbor kids to meet, a great park to hang out at, and being close to school so that they can participate in after-school activities more easily. Mom may be looking for a great room to entertain guests, a spacious kitchen to prepare meals, and a room to get away from the ruckus once in a while.

What does dad look for? Dads are going to have their own unique interests, such as a great garage to take care of projects and car repairs, a great outdoor space to play catch with the kids, and of course his own space away from the ruckus too. Everybody has their own unique wish list, but sometimes dads need to have some of the priority.

He is likely the one working long hours and making a commute every day, so it’s important that he is comfortable and happy being the head of the household. When it comes to dads, here is what they commonly ask for when shopping for their next home.

A place to spread out

It’s really important for dads to know that there is adequate room to spread out, move around, and play. This may mean a spacious yard to throw the ball with the kids, an area to set up a putting green, a place to entertain friends with a wet bar, or a screened-in porch to enjoy a beer after a long day at the office.

Whatever the case, dads usually want to spread out, entertain, and play, rather than feel cooped up or crowded. Dads will likely want a space they can grill and entertain, a porch to enjoy a cold beverage, and a bar to throw a great party. This also means that dad wants to have a home that is set up for easy entertaining, through smart features like a thermostat and smart lighting. He’ll also want to have easy access to the office in the morning and a quick drive to the kid’s school every day.

A place to call his own

While dad wants to be able to entertain easily, hang out with the kids, and enjoy the outdoors, he’ll also want a space to call his own. This is why many people are option for a room that can act as a “man cave,” because dad likes a great place to watch the big game, relax with a book, or enjoy some peace and quiet while catching up on some work.

Home Office

A home office that can be private for him, a room with a daybed for naps, or a home brewery are the perfect way for dad to get away from it all. For some, this may mean an area with a bench and a radio that can be dad’s, while others will dedicate a whole room to dad. This space allows dad to enjoy a little “me” time whether it’s solo or with the guys. Dads also love features like a place to have a cigar, aa quiet napping area, a built-in BBQ, and a split floor plan for a private office space.

Don’t forget a garage

One of the most common requests among dads is the desire for a garage to call their own. It doesn’t have to be a garage meant for parking the car out of the elements, but more so that it would function as a place to work on projects like a favorite hobby, car repairs, or building things. Having a great garage is on most men’s list for their new home and men are likely to ask for this and assess the one offered in each home. For some it’s going to be a place to work on cars while others want to use it to get creative with their tools.

Between woodworking or building something, a garage is a great place to get your hands dirty and not be afraid to make some noise with some power tools. There is no other place in the house for this and the garage is the perfect chance to get busy. Dads love the idea of using the space to pursue a hobby or start a new business, while others love the idea that they finally can work on old cars or repair their current cars into better condition.

Home Office

It’s even great for storing cars, boats, and other toys that want to be protected from the outdoors. Dads will want to know more about the size, the tool storage, where a workbench would go, and if there is adequate place for the kid’s accessories like sports equipment.

Once a dad has a chance to assess the garage potential, finds a place to entertain guests, has a way to be alone enjoying his own favorite hobbies, and has the outdoor space to move around, it’s easy for dad to get on board with any house that the kids or mom finds appealing. These are the type of requirements you’ll often find from dad when it comes to searching for the perfect home.